About us

About the ECA Academy

The ECA Academy is the educational organisation supported by the ECA Foundation (please see www.eca-foundation.org for more detailed information). It develops and organises a wealth of international education courses, conferences (also as part of a GMP Certification Programme) and webinars around GMP and regulatory compliance, picking up emerging GMP challenges and currently discussed subjects. While courses and webinars are designed to provide continuous education for GMP professionals in production, quality control, quality assurance etc, European conferences are organised as discussion forums on new trends and developments.

The Academy is supported by the ECA Foundation Advisory Board. This Board acts as conceptual sponsor in the development of new courses and conferences and ensures best quality and participant satisfaction by evaluating all events. As the Foundation does not employ own staff all services offered by the ECA Academy and with regard to ECA Academy Memberships are solely managed by Concept Heidelberg, a leading professional European training and information services provider in the pharmaceutical industry environment (please see www.concept-heidelberg.com for further information).


About EBE

EBE is the voice of biopharma in Europe, bringing together innovators and developers of biopharmaceuticals of all sizes (small, mid-size and large).

EBEs mission, as the only European industry association fully dedicated to healthcare biotech, is to be the source of expertise on emerging science and biopharma innovation in Europe.

EBEs current work topics include bio-manufacturing, bio-therapeutics, advanced therapies, personalised medicines including novel & combination therapies, allergen immunotherapy and medicines based on or working through the microbiome.A key focus of EBE is to work on funding and innovation models for innovative companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). EBEs goal is to improve the funding options available in Europe to ensure that innovative SMEs in research-intensive areas like biopharmaceuticals find the right conditions in Europe to develop into successful businesses and bring new job opportunities to the European economy.

EBE creates added value for its members by developing clear policy positions, access to expertise, to regulators and legislators, and through representing the interests of innovative developers of biopharmaceuticals.

EBE provides services to its members through knowledge sharing, networking, access to content, regulatory know-how and science & market intelligence.

EBE, being a specialised group of EFPIA, our members also profit from access to the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the largest public-private-partnership dedicated to the development of innovative medicines, and to EFPIA work topics.


About APIC

APIC is one of CEFIC‘s Sector Groups, comprising producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates in Europe. For this reason APIC considers itself to be a very important stakeholder in new EU Regulations and Guidelines related to APIs and intermediates. Our 64 members are located all over Europe and include three national associations: AFAQUIM (Spain), PHARMACHEMICAL IRELAND (Ireland) and SICOS (France).
APIC‘s key objectives are:

• To promote the use of compliant APIs in medicinal products to ensure patient safety

• To represent the interests of pharmaceutical and chemical companies producing APIs and intermediates in Europe by being recognized experts who advance and influence the global GMP and Regulatory Environment.

APIC is very active in communicating and monitoring developments of the active pharmaceutical ingredients industry as well as in defending the APIC views and positions on proposed legislation, regulations and Guidelines.

APIC‘s membership consists of companies from different pharmaceutical industry sectors, all involved in the manufacture of APIs. This provides an ideal basis for developing and communicating a balanced, holistic view on API-related regulations and guidelines. APIC’s focus is on worldwide Quality, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Regulatory matters relating to APIs and Intermediates. Through the years APIC has developed into a highprofile industry association with an excellent, worldwide reputation.